Dear readers,

To be able to place this seventh edition in your hands signifies a big effort not only in the part of the people who work directly in editing and producing the magazine, but also our sponsors, government agencies and readers, who in different ways nurture us with your input and enthusiasm, encouraging us to carry on and improve. To all of you, many thanks.

It has been a though year for everyone but we still have "enough wind" after so much water. It is important for us to express our appreciation for your ongoing support, especially after the problems caused by El Niño, that devastating visitation that came upon us for the third time in our century.

Many thanks to Promperú for its unconditional support; to Chancellor Carlos Pareja for his great assistance in promoting our magazine abroad, and his comments; to the peruvian Consul in Canada, Minister Amador Velasquez Garcia for the beautiful letter that made us so happy; to the US and Swiss Embassies, and to the United Nations, for their interest in this publication.

A big thanks to all the ranches in Peru and abroad who bring us life, and to the companies who support us.

Welcome to the world of "Made in Peru"! Thank you so much, all of you, for continuing to be "Peru's Best"!

Ana Ganoza

Lima, October 1,998

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