Editor's Comments
Dear Readers,

With great pride and joy we have come this time to No. 50 of our issues, the fruit of 15 years of work that  it could be called “The Gold Edition”, a name that is usually received as an epithet this remarkable issue. We appreciate the compliments received, most notably the one of ANCPCPP for the conceptions letter they sent us on this occasion and with great satisfaction that we publish on page 47.

Fifty uninterrupted editions come out of print, with the support of many partner companies, breeders, our loyal readers and contributors that enrich the pages of this magazine with their valuable experiences. We truly appreciate the invaluable support.
The imagination and fantasy that dwells in children is present for the first time in our pages, through a children's story written by Paulina Gleiser. We invite all fans to share their tender dreams.

We dedicate this number to the memory of a great friend and loyal collaborator, the noted Argentine veterinarian Fernando Ribotta, who we always miss and whose lasting memory will be etched in our minds and our hearts.

Many greetings to all breeders, exhibitors and aficionados of the World who are now following the events of the PPH National Championship Show 2011.
Ana Ganoza

Lima, April 2011