Editor's Comments
Dear Readers,

The month of September is the month of flowers in the southern Hemisphere, when spring starts. At this time the nights get shorter and the sun hides each day later. Time favorite for poets, time for love. After the winter, come heat, flowers, birds singing, the juicy fruits, plants, the trees, the fields are green and enjoy the outdoors with the family and friends. It is also the ideal season for our horses.

You will enjoy in this issue an interesting article by the McCormicks, explaining what it means to 'crawled step' in our CPP. Fernando Ribotta, writes with great talent, an illustrative commentary on how to determine the age of the horses looking their teeth. Roxanna Salaverry and his son Alberto give us a delicious gloss  and commenting about pisco and the recipe of the famous “El Capitan”.

Our readers will always have this open forum to participate with articles, commentaries, glosses, and everything they believe can interest to the great family of Made in Peru.

Caught by the arrival of this beautiful season, receive an affectionately greet with the verses:

"Spring has come, nobody knows how it was" (Antonio Machado).

"They can cut all the flowers, but they cannot stop the spring" (Pablo Neruda).

Until next time!!

Ana Ganoza

Lima, September 2010