Editor's Comments
Dear Readers,

The present issue reaches our readers, in the days that with the red and white spirit, we celebrate with fervor one more anniversary of the Peruvian Independence. For the editors and contributors these days have a special expression of exalting the presence of the great effort that means having overcome the difficulties from the beginnings, and having achieved them, contributing to the spread of the excellences of what is today known as a very Peruvian tradition.

Having reached the number 46th of our magazine is the sum of all these efforts, thanks to our faith, the good wishes and the auspicious wishes of whom with their contributions have made possible once again that our Peruvian Paso Horse always keeps the unity among the breeders of Peru and the world.

As usual, Roque Benavides also enriches us in this edition, with his study of the Blood Lines that he usually send us after each National Competition. We thank him for his support and also to the authors of the interesting articles that appear in these pages.

Following the tribute that we always tribute at the end of the editorial message, today corresponds report that offering, to the country in its day.

Happy Independence Day!!

Ana Ganoza

Lima, July 2010