Editor's Comments
Dear Readers,

Starting the editions of 2010, with this issue 45, designed especially for the Peruvian National Show.
With it goes our regards and congratulations to the Judge, the its organizers and all the participants of this important international event.
In these pages you will find interesting articles directed to the breeders and aficionados, as well as valuable opinions on veterinary and, going to other topics, comments relating to bulls, on Peruvian gastronomy for pleasure and delight of its cultivators, not lacking of comments related to our national drink, Pisco.
It is almost standard, normal of our magazine, to dedicate each issue to distinguished people for their love and dedication to the Peruvian Paso Horse. This time corresponds to offer our homage and extend our congratulations to Roque Benavides Ganoza, who has two years of excellent performance presiding the ANCPCPP. We dedicate this edition to him.

We extend our thanks to all you, great readers and sponsors for the valuable support that you always provide to Made in Peru - The Peruvian Paso Horse Magazine & The Best of America, making it your favorite magazine.
Ana Ganoza

Lima, April 2010