Editor's Comments
Dear Readers,
Once again we are present in the hands of all of you the breeders, spectators and fans to our very valuable horse.
Now with this special edition that has been prepared especially for the US National Championship Show 2009, we want  to  greet and congratulate the Judge, the organizers and all the participants of this important international event.

The Edition 44 brings interesting and attractive articles that inform, assist and delight; from veterinary items to delicious Peruvian cuisine, and from the important article about the strength or horse impulsion to art and fashion.

Thank you very much to all our colleagues who are always giving another contribution to this noble aficion.

We want to thank all the sponsors of this edition for enabling one more number of this your magazine and the magazine of everybody, Made in Peru - The Peruvian Paso Horse Magazine & the Best of America.
Ana Ganoza

Lima, October 2009