Each edition of “MADE IN PERÚ” brings with it the contribution of the breeders and connoisseurs of our national pride. Reason for which when I am about to initiate the production I place before me, as manner of inspiration, all the previous numbers; this time they were 36; the result of 12 years of effort dedicated to the promotion of our Peruvian Paso Horse. I always think about the past, looking back with nostalgia and I am pleased to conclude that the objectives are being achieved.

Last December we presented two calendars one, as always, dedicated to stallions and the other, as a new contribution, oriented to the mares, wombs likewise pride of our afición well deserving the importance being given to them by breeders today.

“Caballero of ancient lineage, who rides following the sun,
your silvery head shines, lighting your path;
you go spreading virtues that others would wish to have;
the aura that accompanies you has the colors of friendship
and it is because of all this that we your friends wish to be like you”.

These lines were written by Alonso Llosa when referring to don Edgar Eyzaguirre in our Edition No. 10, and which today I am pleased to repeat, on that person so loved by all of us who carry the afición for the Peruvian Paso Horse.
This edition is dedicated to his memory.

Until next time!
Ana Ganoza

Lima, February 2008

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