Eleven years ago, on October 15, 1995, the first number of this publication was issued as an initiative to promote the breeding and exceptional qualities of our Peruvian Paso Horse. The idea always was that diffusion of magazine be also at an international level.

During these last years the successive editions have filled my life with joy, satisfaction and singular/special gratitude.

Joy for being able to be with you constant readers and collaborators at every moment and place where our noble equine, national pride, is present. Satisfaction for being able to offer quality in the information which has continuously improved in each number with the passing years, promoting our horse around the world and lastly Gratitude for being able to count with the constant support from all of you dear readers, for your kind sponsorships, your valuable comments, all of which fills each page with strength, energy and color.

With the eagerness of improving and promoting the editions internationally, the magazine contains more articles and columns, which leads to perceive that we are very close to reaching the goals set.

On this opportunity, a warm greeting to all breeders, exhibitors, aficionados, spectators, friends all gathered at the National Show in the U.S., the National Show of Ecuador and the Spring Show of Trujillo – Peru: events which are held with great success during this traditional month of October.  For all this, I dedicate to them this Edition 32 with the same great affection as always.
Ana Ganoza

Lima, October 2006

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