Squid Olivar
Recipe of Alfredo Aramburú from Restaurant ALFRESCO.

1 medium squid.
100 gr. black marinated olives.
1/2 liter mayonnaise.
1 stalk celery, washed and finely chopped.
1 red pepper, cut in strips for decoration.
2 ounces olive oil.
4 ripe tomatoes.
1 small glass white vinegar.

To Prepare:

Wash squid in plenty of cold water and salt. Boil quartered tomatoes in water with vinegar. Boil squid for 20 minutes, pricking it until it feels tender.

Once cooked, place in bowl with cold water and ice, leave to cool. Separate the tentacles and cut diagonally in thin slices. Cool in freezer.

Blend olives with olive oil and add to mayonnaise. Mix well. Add chopped celery.

Place slices of squid in a serving dish, with the sauce in the middle.
Garnish with red pepper and curly parsley.