Rice with Duck
"Chiclayana Style"

By Roxanna Salaverry
Manos Morenas Catering
6 servings

1 tender duck.
1 large red onion.
3 tablespoons minced garlic.
½ cup hot pepper.
3 cups cilantro leaves.
50 grams of pumpkin loche.
1 tablespoon of palillo. (mirasol yellow powder)
Salt to taste.
1 tablespoon of Pepper.
1 tablespoon of Ajinomoto. (MSG)
1 tablespoon of Oregano.
1 cube of chicken broth.
2 cups duck broth.
1 bottle dark beer.
½ cup green peas.
3 / 4 cup chopped yellow hot chili.
¾ cup chopped red bell pepper.
6 cups of grained rice.


Marinate the duck pieces preferably overnight with salt, Ajinomoto, garlic, pepper and a little of black beer. Gild the duck pieces.

Put oil in a pan, then add the onion and garlic,  when the dressing is ready add grated squash, seasonings and the cube of chicken broth, the minced red pepper until it looks like cut, milled coriander and cooled in ice water, melt it with oil. Thoroughly cook the coriander.

Add the beer and wait until the alcohol evaporates, add the pieces of duck,  add the duck consommé and heat to very low fire. (That's the secret to have the duck very soft)

Prepare 6 cups of well-grained rice and let it cool.

Sauté the chili and pepper in oil in another frying pan, boil the peas.

Mix in a large wok the rice with peppers, chili, green peas and add the green juice mix well.

Take out the pieces of duck from the consommé. Gild them to have a nice presentation. Serve them whole or boneless.

Serve hot, the rice over the duck pieces put on some spoonful of juice and more chili and creolle sauce.

It must be well grained and juicy at the same time, and the duck tender and cooked to its turn.