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XXX "Los Pumas" Cieneguilla Show Results

XX Amancaes Show Results

Spanish Style Bit Training for
Cow Horses, My Opinion
By: Mirko R. Costa
Aníbal Vasquez
Defects and  The Genealogical Registry
By: Aníbal Vásquez Nacarino
León Febres Cordero
To my friend, Ing. Leon Febres Cordero
By: Pedro Koechlin von Stein
Over-reach, Impulsion & Elasticity Of Pisos
By: Antonio Hudtwalcker Pinilla
Diagram of a finished Pellón
The Pellon Sampedrano
By: Samuel Gleiser Azcárate
LB Tesoro
EBH Barba Blanca
JD Flor de Loto
XI "CIUDAD DE QUITO" Regional Show Results