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Cover 13
XVII Valley of Lurín Show Results
February 16 - 18, 2001
Judges: Manuel Mazzi, Julio Peschiera & José Musante.
XXII Regional Show of Lima Results
December  1 - 3, 2000
Judges: Juan Manuel Rizo Patrón, Roque Benavides & Pedro Koechlin.
Jequetepeque Valley 2
The Greatest Horse Breeder and Trader of all Time:
Jorge Juan Pinillos Cox
Second Part
By: Verne Albright
Jorge Juan, Juan Pardo, Meme and sons
By: Carlos Chang Cheng
Jequetepeque Valley 1
News & Events
Tony & Liessel 1
Tony & Liessel 2
Wedding Hudtwalcker - Krüger
Cotejo in Lurin
Trail Ride 2001
Cotejo Lurin
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Blood Lines Of The Peruvian Paso Horse 2000
By: Roque Benavides
Peruvian Tack
Peruvian Stirrups
Saddle Notes
By: Mirko Costa