Hot Nibble
Recipe of Alfredo Aramburú from Restaurant ALFRESCO.
One Portion.


150 gr. Squid:
Cut squid into slices and season with mix of salt,
garlic, few drops of lemon, worcestershire sauce
and mustard. Dredge with plain flour and fry in
very hot oil for 3 minutes.

2 units Scallops:
Cover scallops with grated parmesan cheese,
dot with butter and add a few drops of white
wine. Cook au gratin for 3 minutes.

3 units Prawns:
Dredge prawns in plain flour with a little salt added. Dip in an egg lightly beaten with a little cream. Coat with cracker crumbs. Fry in very hot oil for 3 minutes.


Tartar Sauce:
Blend 4 eggs in 8 tablespoon of oil, add salt to taste, then add a chopped hard boiled egg, a dsh of tabasco, some finely cubed onion, chopped cucumber and Worcestershire sauce. Add a little finely chopped parsley. Mix well.

To Serve:
Place scallops on shredded lettuce leaves with the crisp squid and the breaded prawns, accompany with a small bowl of tartar sauce and two slices of lemon.