Recipe of Alfredo Aramburú from Restaurant ALFRESCO.

100 gr. sole fillet.
60 gr. shrimp tails (cooked).
50 gr. mushrooms blanched in boiled water.
1 red bell pepper.
25 gr. green onions.
30 gr. white onions (chopped lengthwise).
1 oz. *leche de tigre. (small pieces of sole blended
in lemon juice, celery and limo hot pepper without
3 oz. Lemon juice.
1 tblsp. Yellow hot pepper (blended).
1 oz. Extra -virgin olive oil.
Salt to taste.
½ glazed sweet potato (boiled with sugar and cloves).
½ corn.
Lettuce and a slice of rocoto chili pepper to decorate.

To Prepare:

Cut the fish into pieces. Add the lemon juice, shrimps, blanched mushrooms, *leche de tigre, red peppers, green and white onions, chili peppers and olive oil. Mix all the ingredients adding  salt to taste.

Decorate with a slice of rocoto chili pepper, glazed sweet potato and corn.