The Captain
By Alberto Salaverry Freundt

The Captain is a classic among Limeño´s drinkers. It was born from the marriage between a pisco quebranta and a Vermouth Rosso.

Although we do not know who invented it or when, according to the documents found, one can deduce that the Captain had its genesis around 1859, when the commercial house of Theodore Hart began importing the brand Cinzano Vermouth from Italy and 1924  where where it is mentioned for the first time The Captain in a document. This was found in the Bar Register of Morris, yes, the same bar of Victor Morris, where the Pisco Sour was invented.

“This cocktail owes its name to the military captains of the highlands in Puno, who when making their rounds at night on horseback went to the bars and asked to drink that mixture of pisco and vermouth In the canteens of the highlands, when a military man came to buy the famous 20 cents (previous name of the Captain), the shopkeepers said: "For you, my Captain." That's where the name was born, says Roberto Melendez, bartender of the British Bar of the Country  and advisor of the bar Captain  Melendez.

The captain, was the favorite cocktail in the 1950´s generation. It is one of the finest cocktails made with pisco. New generations are discovering it and its popularity continues growing.

Method: Direct.
Function: Appetizer.
Glassware: 05 oz. glass.


02 ounces of Pisco Quebranta.
02 ounces vermouth Cinzano Rosso.
01 green olive.


Freeze the glass.
Directly in the glass put the Pisco Quebranta and later the vermouth Cinzano Rosso.
Stir for some seconds.
The temperature of service must be between 14 or 16 degrees.


Decorate with a green olive.