Grilled Stuffed Calamari with sausage in Bloody Pisco Sauce

By Roxanna Salaverry
Manos Morenas Catering

6 calamari.
3 sausages.
1 onion.
1 tbl. garlic.
1 tbl. of breadcrumbs.
¼ cup of white wine.
chopped parsley.


Clean well de calamari.
Cut the tips that are going to be filled all in the same size. The rest chop it for the stuff. 
Fry in a saucepan with oil the tablespoon of garlic and onion until it´s lacie. add the peeled sausage and totally cooked, after a while chop the calamari in squares and saute them fast, add the white wine,let it evaporate, add the breadcrumbs and the chopped parsley.

Re fills the tips and close with chopsticks simmered in water so that they don´t burn.
In a very hot grill, plate, or very hot saucepan put the filled calamari until they are gilded, then turn them to gild them on the other side and retire them.

1 ounce pisco.
2 onces fish fund.
½ tsp. salt.
½ tsp. salt of celery.
3 drops of tabasco.
1 good pinch of black peper.
3 drops worcestershire sauce.
6 ounces tomato juice.

Put in a saucepan to heat and thicken a little when retire add lemon drops.

Chop 3 calamari under the chopsticks and prepare them in a plate.
Cut in slices the other 3 calamari.
Put in a plate a little bit of the blody pisco sauce. and accomodate over the calamari slices.
Decorate with fried parsley.